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"Everything in life has some risk. What you have to actually learn to do is how to navigate it"

Risk/Threat Assessments


When handling a Risk/Threat Assessment we do so by providing the appropriate support and interventions. This is a critical component of threat assessment.


Our threat assessment is not a means to remove people, employees, students from the community, homes, workplaces, schools, but rather in a way to initiate a continuum of service to intervene with individuals of concern.​

How we complete a successful threat assessment

  • Determine the scope of the threat assessment.

  • Collect necessary data to cover the full scope of the threat assessment.

  • Identify potential vulnerabilities that can lead to threats.

  • Analyze any threats we uncover and assign a rating.

  • Perform the threat analysis.

What happens after the risk/threat assessment?

​We believe in providing support services. When someone expresses such negative and powerful emotions they are hurting. We make it our mission to help them figure out why. We don't demeane or dehuminse their emotions, we help identify and and help them reprogram their thought process for a more healthier lifestyle. 

Though our services we provide:

  • 24/7 helpline (844) 200- 4400 

  • Educational Workshops & Support Groups

  • Counseling / Coaching services

  • Legal Assistance 

  • Ministry services

  • Court Mandated Classes


What is a risk/threat assessment?

  • Evaluate the risk of violent purpose by someone who has committed an intent to harm someone.

  • Considers the contacts and circumstances surrounding the threat.

  • Threat assessment includes interventions to manage and reduce the risk of violence.


What is a threat?

A threat is any circumstance or event that has the potential to cause harm to someone or system or network

  • A threat can be an intentional threat, spoken, written, or expressed in some way to harm someone including gestures and it may cause destruction of property, and it may involve invasion of privacy

  • Possession of weapons are presumed to be a threat until investigation clearly determined otherwise.

  • Some threats might consist of: “I’m going to get you” and “You won't live to see tomorrow”

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