REVIEW - Fresh updated design for Bible Gateway website

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

GUESS WHAT?Bible Gateway revamped their website. This is amazing on so many levels as there is now so much more they are offering.

I learn better by clicking around, but if you want a more structured experience navigating through Bible Gateway Check out these easy to use SHORT videos to help you along. tutorial

I recommend creating a FREE Account on Bible Gatewayso you can share your study or scriptures that truly mean something to you on your journey with Jesus Christ.

For those of you who love BIBLE on the go, Bible Gateway has an Audio Bible. Listen to the bible on Bible Gateway at AUDIO BIBLES.

A fun feature is changing the font size on Bible Gatewaypage only, and it does affect all pages of your internet.

Those who know me know I LOVE Bible Commentary. There are just those times when you are reading the bible and you just stop and think "what in the world did I just read" or maybe you get so upset with what you just read and stop reading the Bible altogether and drift further from Jesus Christ... or maybe that was just me.

Bible commentary is so important especially right now during COVID19 because it's not like we have the full opportunity to attend church and ask the pastor what this verse means. BUT through Bible Gateway easy to use navigation tools, I was able to pick a commentary and search scripture as I'm reading the bible, and get a full layout of what the verse is trying to say.

Here is how it works:

  1. On the left-hand side, there are tools you can use to search what you are looking for "select STUDY TOOLS"

  2. Click on "MORE RESOURCES"

  3. Scroll down until you reach "COMMENTARIES" and select one or play with them all until you find the right fit for you.

How will you know if the Commentary it's the right fit for you? You will know when you read the commentary and it clicks, it makes perfect sense so you can dive deeper into the Lord's word.

I like Matthew Henry's Commentary and Reformation Study Bible, but its definitely worth taking a peek at the others.

What's even better as you begin your Bible study Journey through Bible Gateway, and you begin Saving, Highlighting, Taking notes one of their most popular functionalities is the ability to do side by side with various versions of the Bible. Why is that important? As you're reading and studying the Bible, the use of two or three can enrich your personal study. This is perfect for personal growth or building a bible study for a class or teach your congregation.

As you can see on the right side of this picture they have the "STUDY" section which has more than 40 Bible study reference books. This is perfect if you want to enhance your experience in Bible Gateway. Click here on Bible Gateway Plus to learn more.

Bible Gateway still has its Reading Plans, I love the Chronological, but take a peek and find your favorite at Reading Plans.

Another amazing element of Bible Gateway is Scripture Engagement, and you're probably wondering what Scripture Engagement is.

Scripture Engagement is:

  • Dr. Fergus Macdonald writes, “Scripture engagement is interaction with the biblical text in a way that provides sufficient opportunity for the text to speak for itself by the power of the Holy Spirit, enabling readers and listeners to hear the voice of God and discover for themselves the unique claim Jesus Christ is making upon them.” (See the article, Defining Scripture Engagement.)

  • It is a way of hearing and reading the Bible with an awareness that it is in the Scriptures that we primarily meet God. It is marinating, mulling over, reflecting, dwelling on, and pondering Scripture, resulting in a “transformative engagement” with God. Besides “Scripture engagement,” phrases that have been used to convey the same idea include “holy attention” (see the article, Holy Attention), “spiritual reading,” “participatory reading,” “formative reading,” and “existential reading” (see R.C. Sproul video).

It might be helpful to realize that Scripture engagement is not exactly the same as studying the Bible; it is a complement to Bible study (see the article, Scripture Engagement Compared to Bible Study). Though both Scripture engagement and studying Scripture is needed to grow spiritually, this website will focus primarily on Scripture engagement.

Through listening and reading Scripture is better than not doing anything at all, Scripture engagement tries to correct common but inadequate approaches to the Bible (see the article, Not This Way). Too many people come to the Bible with an inadequate approach and then stop reading, thinking that something is wrong with the Bible or with themselves. With a little training and encouragement, the life-changing nature of the Scriptures can be experienced by anyone.

Learn more at Scripture Engagement

I truly love to hear about your Journey with Bible Gateway new and improved website. Let us know if you found it easy to navigate, and what suggestions or fun things you found.

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