Encounter 7: SOLID ROCK


A good foundation is essential for a house to stand strong. Jesus wants you to realize that obeying God will give your life a solid foundation..

TALK TO GOD: “Dear God, you know what’s best for me. Help me to be strong, and obey you in each area of my life. Amen.”

INVESTIGATE GOD’S WORD: Read Luke 6:46-49 (Memorize the first part of verse 47)


I WONDER – Read Joshua 24:14-15

  • Have you read the story about Achan’s?

  • Why did Achan's whole family have to be killed just because Achan sinned?

  • Does that seem fair?

Before we answer the above question, let’s look at another. What happens if you wash a red shirt with a load of white clothes? The white clothes turn pink, your clothes are ruined. During the Old Testament, God operated under the principle that one person’s wrongdoings affected everyone else. That wrongdoing was just a redshirt added to a load of white clothing, it colored everything else.

Since Achan was the head of his family, his guilt rubbed off on his family first, and the nation second (see Joshua 7:11) this sin cost Israel a victory in battle and the lives of 36 soldiers. Because of the violation of God’s command, Achan whole family had to be put to death (also see Exodus 19:13; Leviticus 24:16, 23). In that way, the guilt would be lifted off the whole nation. Centuries later, one man’s death would pay the price of the wrongdoings of the whole world.

In Jesus case, it was like adding a white sock to a load of red laundry and turning the entire load white! Isaiah 1:18 states, “Come now, let’s settle this,” says the Lord. “Though your sins are like scarlet, I will make them as white as snow. Though they are red like crimson, I will make them as white as wool.” Because he never did anything wrong, Jesus death wasn’t exactly fair. But aren’t you glad he was willing to die for you?

KEEP IT REAL – Read Ephesians 6:1-3

Have you ever had a moment with your boss/parents/friend to make a decision, but you knew the decision you wanted to make was different from what they expected of you?

Understand that you can’t always do what you want, loving God means wanting to do his will, not yours. Realize that God often chooses to work through your earthly parents, bosses, and friends. Try to think through all the reasons why they expect that decision from you, and why you don’t want to.

Now pray, and trust God, and believe that he is leading you there for a reason. We don’t always know, and probably will never know his intent at times, but there is a reason for everything. And it’s only through your faith in trust in the Lord that every decision that you make will be for the glory of God!

Unfortunately, a loss of hope has led some people to abandon their faith. But God wants his people to keep asking (Mathew 7:7) and be willing to stick with him (John 15:4-8). Are you willing?

EXPRESS YOUR THOUGHTS (Journal Time): How can you put these ideas presented here into action in your own life? In your journal, list one area of your life where you are obeying God and one where you are not.

Say thanks to God for helping you to want to obey.

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