Encounter 6: JESUS DID IT ALL


Friendships get stronger when you really get to know the person. You have trusted Christ to be your savior and to give you a new life. Really get to know who he is and what he has done! It’s Incredible!

TALK TO GOD: “Jesus, you are so powerful! I’m thankful that you hold everything together, including me! Amen.”

INVESTIGATE GOD’S WORD: Read Colossians 1:15-23 (Memorize verse 17)


I WONDER – Read the Book of Ruth (it’s not that big stop complaining)

Who are your true friends? One of the greatest friendships described in the Bible was that of Ruth and Naomi.

In fact, we know more about their friendship then we know about them as individuals. Naomi and Ruth came from different cultures, families, and places. Naomi was older than Ruth. Ruth had been married to one of Naomi’s sons.

They had little but widowhood in common. Yet they forged a deep friendship. Freedom was a key aspect of their friendship. Often in a relationship, people try to hold each other too tightly. Friendship can fade when there is no room to breathe. Naomi was willing to let Naomi return to her family. Ruth was willing to leave her homeland to go to Israel with Naomi.

Naomi even helped arrange Ruth’s marriage even though she knew their friendship would change because of it. God was always part of Ruth and Naomi’s friendship. Ruth meets God through Naomi as the older woman allowed Ruth to see, hear, and feel all the joy and sorrow of her relationship with God.

How much of your thoughts, feelings, and questions about God do you feel free to share with your best friends? God wants to be a part of all of your friendships.

KEEP IT REAL – Read Colossians 1:10-13

The end of verse 10 says “Learn to know God better”. Has it ever crossed your mind to pray for everyone? Although you have never met the person, you just started praying for them.

As you read Colossians you will see although Paul had never met the Colossians he faithfully prayed for them. His prayers show us how important it is for us to pray for others, whether we know them or not. All believers have a need to grow spiritually.

You can pray for someone to

(1) understand God’s will

(2) gain wisdom and spiritual understanding

(3) honor God

(4) bear fruit (love, joy, peace, patience, etc.)

(5) appreciate God in a deeper way

(6) be filled with God’s strength

(7) stay full of Christ’s joy

(8) always be thankful!

EXPRESS YOUR THOUGHTS (Journal Time): How can you put these ideas presented here into action in your own life? Ask a friend to tell you what he or she really likes about Jesus. In your Journal, write a note to Jesus about what you really appreciate about him, and then end today's study’s with a prayer thanking him for helping you through your studies.

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