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If you have a close friend, you can't keep from talking about that person. When you love someone, you can hardly contain yourself! Let your love for Christ motivate you to tell others about him.

TALK TO GOD: “Lord, you have changed my life. Give me the courage and opportunities to tell others about him. Amen.”

INVESTIGATE GOD’S WORD: Read Romans 1:16-17 (Memorize verse 16)


I WONDER – Read Luke 22:54-62

Were you raised to be self-reliant, and to take credit for what you’ve done?

Do you ever wonder if being proud of your accomplishments is wrong?

Have you ever known someone who thought they were so good at sports that they rarely listen to the coach? Although coaches love to have players with great natural ability, most would settle for those with a few skills who are teachable. An athlete is much easier to mold than to motivate.

Being totally self-reliant is sort of like an athlete allowing the coach to give him advice only when he wants it. Before too long the athlete will start to deteriorate with talent. That’s why advice from a coach is needed. Taking the credit for everything we do is called pride.

There is a good type of pride that comes from doing something well. Perhaps we’ve worked hard at something that turned out great. We feel good about ourselves, that’s okay.

The problem comes when we take all the credit. That’s the wrong kind of pride. God wants us to recognize that he gave us our life and our talents. This shows humility and deep respect for God. The Pharisee in Jesus parable (Luke 18:9-14) is a perfect example of someone with the wrong kind of pride. He was proud of his “holy” life, although he was acting like he was talking to God, he was really just talking to himself. On the flip side is the tax collector. He had nothing to be proud of, especially when it related to the relationship with God. In humility, he asked God for mercy.

If we go through life with an I-can-make-it-by-myself attitude, were really saying to God “I don’t really need you after all.” But God wants us to depend on him.

KEEP IT REAL – Read Acts 4:13

Is it hard for you to talk to people about God?

Are you one of the many who hasn’t memorized a Bible verse, and still making their way through the Bible?

It’s easy to tell yourself that you can’t or I’ll wait until I know more. But who are you kidding (read Acts 4:13) the verse talks about the boldness of Peter & John. The Jewish council noticed that they were uneducated and nonprofessionals, yet they still knew Jesus.

Realize now that you don’t have to know the whole Bible or go to some seminary to be able to share your faith. The main thing is to know Jesus and share what you know with other people.

EXPRESS YOUR THOUGHTS (Journal Time): How can you put these ideas presented here into action in your own life? Write down the name of one person who needs to know Jesus Christ. Start praying for that person to become a Christian.

Ask a Christian friend to pray with you for the person and to help you learn how to share your faith with him or her.

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