Are you Limiting beliefs that's holding you back from Happiness?

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Limiting beliefs hold people back from success, happiness, and fulfillment.

Some of your thoughts might be:

• I’m not smart enough/successful enough/pretty enough/my sibling is the smart/pretty/intelligent/lovable one

• I’m not the kind of person who’d do well in school/college/a job • I should stick to easy tasks because I can’t handle challenges • Money is difficult to earn, and I never earn enough • My partners are always unfaithful to me because they are liars/I am not lovable so I’d better stay away from serious relationships • Everyone is manipulative and untrustworthy • I can’t do this because of that/him/her/them • I’m always treated badly, and nobody respects me • I shouldn’t ask for what I want because I always get rejected • Life is meaningless and is always going to be like this

Activity: Sit down and think calmly about any limiting beliefs that you may have about yourself.

• How do these beliefs affect your life? • Have you held yourself back from success or challenges or enjoying yourself because of them?

Some examples of simple affirmations could include: • I am a capable and successful person. • I respect everyone, and everyone respects me. • I am wealthy and find it easy to make money. • Any challenges that I face are excellent opportunities to learn.

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