13 Things to do during COVID19 to prevent you from getting STIR-CRAZY!

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

re you getting a little stir-crazy — or at the very least, feeling bored

We as humans are not meant to be confined. It’s embedded into our DNA; the need for others.

Tom Hanks could not have been in a better movie to describe this situation (CASTAWAY) This increasable survival drama film Chuck Noland played by Tom Hanks draws a face in the bloody handprint on the ball, names it Wilson, and begins talking to it. Over four years, Chuck has regular conversations and arguments with Wilson.

Good news, at least we are not trapped on an island, we have the comfort of tour very own home.

It's a perfect time to truly get humbled and more appreciative for the blessings in our lives. We pay all this money for our mortgage or rent, but we never spend enough time in our home to truly appreciate it. We spend money on frivolous things out of WANTS versus NEEDS.

We need to look at COVID-19 as a way to restructure ourselves and to stop our meaningless spending and get more grounded with ourselves, family, and our neighbors.

COVID-19 has brought so much love and kindness to our neighbors, community and small businesses.

As others fear COVID-19 as changing this world for the worst or even end times, we should be thankful as COVID19 is restructuring our hearts with compassion, kindness, and love for others in ways that are truly a blessing.

So what can you do during this COVID19 lockdown to prevent getting stir-crazy — or at the very least, feeling bored?

1. Join our FREE workshops: It is so important to educate your mind; it’s not only a way for personal growth, but it's also a way to help others! Even if you're not a victim or suffering; maybe you know someone close to you that could benefit from the knowledge you just obtained from our workshop. Learn warning signs so you can help others. Be that loving support others need.

2. Read a book: Educating yourself is very important. I know you have some books lying around somewhere, dust them off. It’s a perfect time to pick up that book and unplug from the digital world and just get more connected and grounded; not only with your environment but expanding your knowledge to whatever book you read. Fiction, Drama, personal development either of these will be perfect for strengthen your vocabulary grammar skills.

3. Coloring / Drawing: This is a perfect thing to do during this time, explore some artistic talents you didn't even know you had.

4. Go for a walk: Although you can't connect with people within a 6-foot radius, it's important to get out and stretch those muscles; too much sitting can cause major health risks that you don't want to walk away with health problems after the whole COVID19. So make sure you're moving around, walk the dog, wash dishes and dance to music, do some gardening, wash clothes, job around the house, all these physical activities as long as you're not sitting you're going to be fine.

5. Go outside to your front or backyard: Get some fresh air and sunlight (Vitamin D) fresh air. Meditate, Picknick, Scavenger Hunt, Yoga, Read a book

6. Sleeping: I know this sounds like a weird concept, but taking naps is a very healthy thing to do. Use this time to get this a much-deserved rest that you've needed for a very long time, and if you lost your job, I'm sorry, but maybe use this time to reconnect with yourself. I'm not telling you to get lazy, just briefly rest whether it's going in your backyard and just laying down and absorbing that beautiful sunlight. If you have a hammock use it, take your book outside.

7. YOGA: Meditation, Self-reflection, Relaxation, Stretching is so healthy for you. Download an app, or tune into a station that has Yoga exercises for you. Exercise is so important to do, yoga is beautiful, being able to stretch those muscles in ways you haven't before; just start slowly and just start stretching

8. Call/Zoom with a friend: Play virtual bingo via zoom, conference with friends over zoom or phone. Stay connected do not use this time to isolate.

9. Play Music: Any music, just make sure you have fun and boogie down. You need movement in your body; sitting for too long and laying for too long is not healthy.

10. Family board games: There are also digital party games on PlayStation by Jackbox, but I highly recommend good old fashion board games. You can also do a hunt indoors and outdoors, indoor picnic, build a fort; when's the last time you built a fort? Get your favorite book, snacks, games and build a fort somewhere.

11. Get creative with food: Start learning new recipes, exploring new foods. Diets are out the door right now, enjoy yourself with “healthy” foods, flavors, recipes.

12. Start a blog or a tick-tock: People are getting creative during this time, YouTube, ticktock, Blog get creative and try something new.

13. Develop a new hobby: Make furniture, paint, knit, sew, invent. Try them all and see what makes you happy.

When you were getting bored at work I know you thought

“I wish I didn't work, I want to try …..”

NOW is a perfect opportunity for you to explore these other talents instead of putting it off!

STOP procrastinating and becoming depressed, get out of your element, and try something new.

Whatever you decide, enjoy yourself. Now is the time to get connected with yourself on a deeper level.

Appreciative yourself more and enjoy life; and if you need any help trying to dive deeper and explore options, reach out to us. We love a chance to assist you and help you in any way that we can.

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