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Did you know that God your loving father wrote YOU a letter?  


It's written throughout the whole Bible. Below is God's letter just for YOU!  


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Do you know someone who needs to hear from God? 



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Bible Ministry

Are you or someone you know in need of a Bible?

Do you know someone struggling with their relationship with God?


Let us help send them out by sending them a free care package which includes:


*   14 Encounters with God

*   Used Bible (NLT,NRSV, ESV, MSG)

*   Used Jesus Calling by Sarah Young (Based on supply)

*   Journals

*   Pencil, Pen, and Highlighter

Would you like to donate any of these supplies?

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Volunteer Opportunities

We need people with a passion to help others... just like you. We need your skills, talents, and dreams to continue to serve our community.


"One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time."


Central Point Behavioral Health Center helps thier community by providing food (whether hot or in the form of a grocery or fast-food gift card), a safe place to sleep (hotel vouchers and shelters for homeless, domestic violence victims, and teen runaways), transportation costs (gas card, Uber, taxi), assistance with medical expenses, final expenses (funeral, burial, cremation), and recover and rebuild after a disaster.

Contribute today! Any amount accepted! They can also be a one-time donation or recurring. ​

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