5. What is the result of you acting and behaving this way?

Let's begin the process by Engaging your Journey to new experiences. What does this mean? For this question, be honest about how your behavior affects the situation. Take as much responsibility as you can here to see what effect you are having in the situation.

EXAMPLE: Engaging your Journey to new experiences

I eat because im stressed with My family I dread coming home because they expect me to do everything.  I hate going to work and I eat to get me through the day so I can hurry and get home. 

Volunteer Opportunities

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Central Point Behavioral Health Center helps thier community by providing food (whether hot or in the form of a grocery or fast-food gift card), a safe place to sleep (hotel vouchers and shelters for homeless, domestic violence victims, and teen runaways), transportation costs (gas card, Uber, taxi), assistance with medical expenses, final expenses (funeral, burial, cremation), and recover and rebuild after a disaster.

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