"The journey towards health begins on the path of self-love. Begin your journey today."


Awakening Where Self Awareness Meets Change!

​BEFORE you get started I want you to take out a piece of paper or get a notebook, and a pen or pencil. "SERIOUSLY" if you truly want to benefit from this you need to put in the work. 

Now write down these two questions, and answer them honestly. "BE HONEST" truly think about these questions (Do NOT answer them with I don't know)


What does change look like to you?

What would change mean to your life?

​I’m about to take you on an amazing JOURNEY, but in order to reach our destination, you have to put in the work. Notice I've said put in the work twice now, that's because change does not happen to those who do not try. Many of you who've made it this far will probably stop reading because of fear of what "work" entails or because of pure laziness. 


But those of you who do partake of this incredible JOURNEY will be delighted with the simplicity of the process. We will literally create a new connection in your brain that you won’t easily be able to stop thinking about.

Are you in?

GREAT Let’s get started... 


STOP for a moment and look at that picture, how does this picture make you feel?


Does it make you feel a bit overwhelmed? Maybe the ocean scares you or maybe you hate nature or hiking so this picture makes you feel nothing; or to some maybe this picture makes them feel calm, maybe you can picture the smell of nature or the cool breeze blowing past you, the beautiful quiet sounds of nature or the stream moving through the rocks.


Whichever feeling you had you created in your mind. Your mind is a very powerful and potentially dangerous place based on how you feel or interpret things. 

Now, look at this picture below. How did this picture make you feel?


That beautiful/handsome person staring right back at ya is the person that can make change happen, but this person can also ruin your life.  Regardless of how you are feeling right now or what you're going through I want you to know



Your past mistakes do NOT define who you are, it was only a bump in the road to bigger and BETTER things. 

​I can say that with confidence because it is a journey you are going to custom create. You are going to write, and regardless of how your journey ended up before this one is going to be the best because this time you have help.

This process has strategies we use in life coaching. It is completely broken down to give you the quickest vision in the shortest amount of time.

The entire process, when done correctly, can be completed in about 20 minutes. That’s a very short amount of time if you are serious about changing your life and creating results that will transform you from where you are now to where you want to be.

So let me ask you some questions: (Make sure you're writing these down & answering them. Start putting in the work for a change)

Answer these HONESTLY! Never use I don't know as an answer, truly think about each of these questions, and answer them honestly.

Where do you want to be?

Do you want something for your life that you don’t already have?

I hope you made an effort to honestly answer these questions because most of us are in default mode. We simply accept more of the same. We claim to be happy but we're truly not, and when where unhappy we start to lose ourselves. We get too caught up in the busyness of now, we forget to dream, set goals, or even desire something more.

But I want to invite you to consider, what it is you really want?

Self-awareness is where we begin, however, is the least common trait we have as humans. We rarely have a hard look at our lives from the outside. We are so busy living IN our lives, we rarely work ON our lives.

But today through (life coaching) you are taking a stepping back and really taking a hard look at your life from the outside. This process works best if you can pick something specific to focus on in your life for example:

Your Weight
Your Relationship
Your Career

Your Productivity
Your Addictions
Your Stress/Anxiety Level

So just pick one for now. I promise you can go through this process as many times as you want–but the more specific you can be each time, the better.

Let’s say you pick "Your Weight"

We need to define the “Self-awareness”, which is where we are starting from. Life Coaching is built around making you more aware of yourself to help set goals to get you to where you want to be.


And the premise of this model is that everything breaks down into five categories:

  • Acknowledge your Circumstances

  • Wake up your Thoughts and Emotions you have bottled up

  • Awaken your Awareness of your Feelings

  • Know when it's time to take Action

  • Engage your Journey to new experiences

  • Now obtain your Results

So use this structure to define your “Self-Awareness

Get out a piece of paper. (I really mean it.) Write down the answers to the following questions.​

1. What are the facts of your current situation?

Acknowledge your Circumstances: Example "Your Weight": This would include what you eat, do you exercise. ONLY include facts, Make no judgments or opinions when answering these questions.

EXAMPLE: Acknowledge your Circumstances

My name is Jane, I don't have enough time in the day so I always pick up fast food, I don't have time to exercise, and I'm not sleeping well.

2. What are your thoughts about your current situation?

Now Wake up your Thoughts and Emotions you have bottled up. 


What are your opinions and judgments?


What are you unhappy with?


What don’t you like?


What do you wish could change? 

EXAMPLE: Wake up your Thoughts and Emotions you have bottled up

I hate the way I look, I don't like looking in the mirror, I've given up on appearance, and what I eat, I feel there is no hope, I've tried exercise and gotten nowhere, and I don't like how exercise makes me feel. I would love to have energy and enough time in my day.

3. How are you feeling in this current situation, with these current thoughts?

This is where you Awaken your Awareness of your Feelings. Your feelings determine your level of satisfaction.


Often we don’t pay enough attention to how we feel and can be just powering through something that we feel terrible about without even realizing it.

EXAMPLE: Awaken your Awareness of your Feelings

I'm depressed, sad, and helpless

4. How do you act and behave in this situation when you feel this way?

Know when it's time to take action. This is where your Journey gets interesting. Step back and take a look at your life, if you're not happy with something FIX IT.  


The time to take action is NOW! 


How are you eating?


How are you treating yourself?

EXAMPLE: Know when it's time to take Action.

I eat when I'm sad even when I'm happy, eating makes me happy, but after I eat im sad again, and hate myself. I'm irritable all the time.

5. What is the result of you acting and behaving this way?

Let's begin the process by Engaging your Journey to new experiences. What does this mean? For this question, be honest about how your behavior affects the situation. Take as much responsibility as you can here to see what effect you are having in the situation.

EXAMPLE: Engaging your Journey to new experiences

I eat because im stressed with My family I dread coming home because they expect me to do everything.  I hate going to work and I eat to get me through the day so I can hurry and get home. 

Once you have answered these questions truthfully, you will have a clear understanding of your situation, This is your Self-awareness starting point. BUT there is just one more step (putting in the work) 

Now let's obtain your Results, don't start making excuses


So now the fun part…

I want you to dream.

I want you to think about everything you want in your life.

I want you to allow yourself to want.

Now answer these questions


  1. What's your desire?

  2. What is the best case situation?

  3. What do you think and believe about it that makes it so awesome?

  4. How does it feel to have it and think about it this way?

  5. How do you act and behave differently because of it?

  6. What is the ultimate result you get when this dream is a reality?

This is where Self-awareness meets change. Write down the answers from your Before Process on the left and the answers from your After Process on the right. Now look and see where you're at and the goals you want to achieve.


This is where what's in your head meets reality.





So often we lose sight of what we want, and when we remember what is possible, we can have a renewed energy with possibility.

I love this quote

What you want matters so much.


  • You must know what it is specifically, and then determine how far you are from it.

  • Pay attention to your thinking.

  • How is your thinking now different from your thinking when you have your desired result?

So much of Life Coaching is about how you think and what you choose to think. Your thoughts will ultimately create your results. You must work diligently on is understanding how you think and how to change what and how you think so you can change.

Once you learned this, your life is a constant state of working towards a new goal and growing and evolving. This gives you energy and makes life very exciting and also very successful.

Want to go further?

Do you want to know how to reach your goal?


Let me show you how to learn to love this process as we uncover the path to getting what you want and becoming your after.

I want to learn more