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Our Mission

We are deeply committed to changing lives by 

empowering and nurturing growth through physical, spiritual, emotional, and educational resources to achieve wellness.

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Each one of us can make a difference, BUT together we make a change!

~ Barbara Mikulski

Meet The Team

Naomi Singleton



Alicia Vialpando




Public Relations

"Domestic Violence & Anti-Bullying Advocate"

Precious Kilburg

"Yoga & Fitness Coach"


Thanks to you, we were able to provide support to

1,913 people

  • 209 24/7 Hotline support. which included:

40 Domestic Violence

19 Sexual Assault

35 Grief

115 other

  • 385 Family/Couples/ 1-on-1 Counseling/ Coaching services

  • 895 Education Resources such as workshops/webinars

  • 93 Youth Services such as suicide prevention & behavioral health services

  • 138 Family & Civil Law services

  • 78 Ministry Services

  • 115 Referal Assistance such as shelters and renters assistance


Let's double that for 2021, please share us with others so we can continue to provide our community with FREE services.


HUGE shot-out to our AMAZING VOLUNTEERS, we could not have done this without you. 


Founded in 2006, as Journey of Pure Bliss Ministries as an outreach to minister to those of trauma and youth such as group homes and foster homes, which later became Mobile Legal Inc. in 2010 as the need for legal assistance grew. Over the years services expanded which transformed into Central Point Integrated Services in 2017 as we started providing mental health services, which later transformed into the non-profit you see today as Central Point Behavioral Health Center in late 2020. The center has been a visible presence and resource for victims of trauma, and those suffering from behavioral health conditions. We continue to expand to better meet the needs of the communities we serve throughout Southern Riverside County. 

Our services are FREE to those with little to no income and we have a sliding fee schedule based on income to provide low-cost services to everyone. 

The Central Point Behavioral Health Center is based on the belief that our resources are a human right derived from the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (ICESCR). The (ICESCR) is defined as followed:


Article 11 Section 2. The States Parties to the present Covenant, recognizing the fundamental right of everyone to be free from hunger, shall take, individually and through international co-operation, the measures, including specific programs.


Article 12 Section 1. The States Parties to the present Covenant recognize the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health.


Article 13 Section 1. The States Parties to the present Covenant recognize the right of everyone to education. They agree that education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and the sense of its dignity and shall strengthen the respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.


The right to adequate food and physical and mental health is a human right, inherent in all people, to have regular, permanent, and unrestricted access, either directly or by means of financial purchases, to quantitatively and qualitatively adequate and fulfilling and dignified life free of fear.


The right to food and physical and mental health is realized when every man, woman, and child, alone or in community with others, has physical and economic access at all times to adequate assistance or means for its procurement.


Central Point Behavioral Health Center assists in exploring resources while working with clients and believes that through education those suffering or caring for those with behavioral health conditions can become more aware, supportive, and accepting.


Central Point Behavioral Health Center is deeply committed to changing lives by empowering 

and nurturing growth through physical, spiritual, emotional, and educational resources to achieve 

wellness. Our philosophy is reducing the stigma of those suffering from behavioral health conditions and adding the needed value to each human life.

Our Logo & Name

Our iconic umbrella represents the umbrella of services we provide our community and the green represents mental health. Although we know not all of our clients have this stereotypical family dynamic, this picture is a form of the family unity you receive while becoming apart of our CPBHC family. 


Our name Central Point represents the point of interest; the hub, the core of the foundation of who we are, and the umbrella of services we provide thus eliminating the need for searching for help. 

NEVER give up on something that truly makes you happy!

Everything you learn will help you grow

When you focus on problems, you will have more problems. When you focus on possibilities, you will have more opportunities.

"FAILURE is a beautiful, life-changing experience! It's how we choose to accept, grow, and move forward that truly defines us!"

~ Naomi Singleton

Anonymous Youth Central Point Client

Sexual Assult Victim

Listen closely as this client shares her painful story of sexual assault as a child and how she rose above society label and gained the support and resources needed to cope safely.

CPBHC Staff Story

Are you a label?

Our staff shares a deeply painful story from her life to help others increase awareness of their journey and to give them hope for a better future.

Why Volunteer

Volunteering allows you to connect to your community and make it a better place. ... And volunteering is a two-way street: It can benefit you and your family as much as the cause you choose to help. Dedicating your time as a volunteer helps you make new friends, expand your network, and boost your social skills.

"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it"   Proverbs 4:23

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