"Be the CHANGE you wish to see in the world"
~ Mahatma Gandhi


We bring the umbrella of love, education, safety, and support to our community by providing behavioral health and mental health services during a time when our community needs them the most. 

We offer:   

  • 24/7 helpline (844) 200- 4400 

  • Free educational workshops

  • Counseling / Coaching services

  • Legal Assistance 

  • Ministry services

  • Court Mandated Classes

We assist those with:

  • Food (whether hot or in the form of a grocery or fast-food gift card)

  • A safe place to sleep (hotel vouchers and shelters for homeless, domestic violence victims, and teen runaways)

  • Transportation costs (gas card, Uber, taxi)

  • Assistance with medical expenses, final expenses (funeral, burial, cremation)

  • And we help our community to recover and rebuild after a disaster

Do you know someone who is struggling or who wants to give back to their community? We are looking for people who think there is no hope, and volunteers because together we can make a difference.

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We work closely with clients that have suffered trauma and/or who have experienced depression, anxiety, mood, and behavioral issues, including PTSD, bipolar, codependency, and more.


What we do is not about giving advice. We provide the framework, based on the individual fears, beliefs, and motivation that allow one to examine different aspects of their life.

We are deeply committed to changing lives by empowering and nurturing growth to achieve wellness. 


Do you have any questions? We are here to help you. Let us know what you are interested in hearing about and we will launch another Podcast on your topic. 

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